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  2015.11.05  23.34


  2015.08.18  01.42
Asia has been a scary place this month

Thailand: (terrorism at the shrine) http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-33963280

China:(factory blast) http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-33963280

Koreas: (two soldiers blasted on the DMZ) http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2015/08/116_185008.html
(Professor makes a statement by suicide) http://www.koreaobserver.com/professor-jumps-from-campus-building-in-apparent-suicide-attempt-44444/
(Man sets himself on fire for statement) http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2015/08/12/man-fire-anti-japan-rally/31518653/

And more, I'm sure. Reminds me of our mortality, and how tragedy spans beyond here. South America, Middle East, or the USA--sometimes I can only focus on what happens locally... the world overwhelms and terrifies me.


  2015.07.31  22.42
Why did I ever stop getting massages?

Oh yeah, that's right... the wart removal. But now it's gone and I'm back in the schedule. Every week 1 massage! Seriously... it's so necessary. Plus, it's also pretty inexpensive to get here.

But at the moment, I'm bored.

My ABC's

A 🔢 Age : Always a secret. Most boys at the bar put me at 26.

B 😨 Biggest Fear : Not being able to do something about it.

C 🕛 Current Time : 10:29pm

D 🍸 Drink You Had Last : I bought a lemonade drink from a coffee shop then poured tequila in it for the baseball game... they don't serve cocktails! What was I supposed to do? I hate beer.

E 😌 Easiest Person To Talk To: My friend Katie.

F 🎥 Favorite Movie : At the moment, "Geek Charming" I think it's a great movie for my students to watch...

G 😷 Grossest Memory : Chaning my little brother's diapers? Ooze from poison oak? I don't know, I tend to shut those out.

H 🏠 Hometown : Santa Rosa, CA

I💞 In Love With: My job.

J 😡 Jealous Of : My previous & healthier body.

K 🔪 Killed Someone : No, but then if we believe in the butterfly effect - maybe. Does that apply here?

L 🔐 Longest Relationship : 2 years

M ☝ Middle Name : Something with an A

N 🚼 Number of Siblings : 2

O 💫 One Wish : I don't make these.

P 📞 Person Who You Last Called : My friend DongHyeok, because he was late to the baseball game and I was super angry about it -- I hate humidity and people staring at me.

Q ❓ Question You're Always Asked : Did you see (name of some popular movie my students watch)?

R 😊 Reason To Smile : Life.

S 🎶 Song Last Sang : "Sugar" Maroon 5

T 💤 Time You Woke Up : 8:30am -- I love vacation.

U 💚 Underwear Color : Gray today.

V 🌴 Vacation Destination: This summer: Vietnam.

W 😣 Worst Habit : Procrastination.

X 💪 X-Rays You've Had : My chest.

Y 🍴 Your Favorite Food : These days... scones. I'm addicted to scones.

Z ♊ Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.


  2015.07.09  21.23


  2015.06.27  01.48
South Korea's Pride Parade

Well, today is the day to see what happens! >>http://www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2015/06/26/417310709/a-showdown-looms-at-south-koreas-gay-pride-parade

Have pride Seoul.


  2015.06.27  01.41
I'm still trying to find my place.


  2015.06.27  01.38
WOOHOO, finally

Rainbows all day! March with pride and be strong! The narrow-minded are still there and they will do their best to harm with words or worse -- but if that is done to you, hold your head high, because you are not alone. It is now clear to all that your nation sides with you. Love is love.


  2015.05.14  00.55
Generational Icon

I remember really liking the message in his song and that spirit of the message that I enjoyed, is in part what has helped him become an official 'generational icon' in the State of California. Though he's certainly not the only person to ever give back to a community, his work for Compton and their youth is just awesome because it sheds a new light on a place that's always been looked down upon.

I appreciate his use of hip-hop and the world he allows listeners to enter and learn from; as a middle class white girl I really can't say that I've fully dealt with a lot of what he expresses about the streets, however, I can see how his words can reach out to people who don't have a voice or can't put their frustrations into the words that he has. In addition, his current popularity allows people who haven't explored hip hop -- due to more aggressive or women degrading songs -- to give it a go and see that it can be a medium worth celebrating.

article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/05/12/kendrick-lamar-generational-icon-award-california-state-senate_n_7266524.html


  2015.05.12  00.43

This article is about what's going on in South Africa but it's still relevant to our own current events (Balitimore). Mostly, listen to Tupac. It's a very good analogy -- and also what sparked the French Revolution way back when (when explained in a simple manner).



  2015.05.12  00.31
I love fado

Fado is my kind of music.

I also decided to look up remixes of fado songs but none of them have been good enough for me because I love the emotion and power of fado, but most remixes I found add a beat but don't blend it well, or reduce the originals' melancholy. But the one below I found to be alright:


  2015.04.27  22.32

My legs scream when they see this picture. It's just... no... where's the muscle? No no no! And girls do this diet here or the training/surgeries to make the muscle go away...!! Oh my body is screaming to stop looking at the skeletal legs... I get that some people think it's beautiful but I can't; my body won't accept this trend.


  2015.04.19  14.56

This is what happens when you try to 'sweep things under the rug.' It'll just be bigger and messier when it comes out again.

Since last year the government has been doing things to better safety in Korea and yet, it's still obvious things are shady and off. So, why wouldn't people be so explosive?



  2015.03.11  00.47
Scott Eastwood...

...is good lookin'. I haven't really said that about a 'celebrity' for awhile now.. so, that's why I had to post it somewhere.


  2015.03.08  21.55
Ojos Asi

This song influenced me so much as a teen... for dancing, for writing, for drawing - it just became my favorite quick and I still have the cassette tape. I owe it all to Ms. Scribner in the 11th grade. She taught us a different Shakira song to practice Spanish, but this is the one she didn't teach I loved.


  2015.03.07  01.42


  2015.03.06  23.28
Good to know?

 Which Sailor Scout From “Sailor Moon” Should You Get Drunk With?

  You got: Sailor Uranus

  You should get drunk with Sailor Uranus! Like Sailor Uranus, you’re a rational   person with a great sense of humor. You don’t like to stick your nose into other   people’s business but if someone needs your help you’re always willing. You’re   both spontaneous so you two would have a great, humorous night if you two got drunk together.

Toei Animation


  2015.03.01  23.13
How did I miss this movie?

Found my new calling.


  2015.02.27  23.03
Friday night IN!

I watched a video recently where I couldn't get over how disproportionate the girls are...(#6).. so I'll share top ten right now!

Thoughts:Read more...Collapse )

Top Ten for Late February:

1. "같은 시간 속의 너 (You From The Same Time)"~Naeul
2. "그냥 (Just)"~Zion.T(자이언티), Crush(크러쉬)
3. "미쳐(Crazy)"~4Minute *featured
4. "화(Fire)"~Mad Clown(매드클라운) feat. Insil(진실) Of Mad Soul Child
5. "또 운다 또 (Cry Again)"~Davichi
6. "위아래 (Up&Down)"~EXID
7. "목소리 (Your voice)"~노을 (Noel)
8. "LUV"~Apink(에이핑크)
9. "사뿐사뿐 (Like a Cat)"~AOA
10. " 이별공식 (Love Equation)"~Vixx


  2015.02.25  00.06
It's Black History Month...

I didn't watch the Oscars this year, but I still am touched by this acceptance from 2002:

Thing to look at though, is even though that door was opened, roles are still not appropriately given and movies aren't properly backed. Just imagine what we could have seen if we weren't so focused on things like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Transformers.

I love my blockbusters, yes I do, but when people point out how 'white' it is, well, take a step back and notice that's true. The actors & actresses who have won are amazing, no doubt, I'm just saying... where are the diverse roles? Where are the roles where 'minorities' aren't playing stereotypes?

It'd just be nice for the public to be exposed to more through this medium. The criticism today is that everything is too white -- but if we open more doors, experiment with more diversity, then we truly can find our equality. But it's up to the general public to see those movies when they come out, bump up the numbers so that they will continue producing those films.

If we just keep going to Michael Bay films then Michael Bay films are what we're going to get.

If you're not familiar, Michael Bay films consist of hot girls who barely wear anything or, have their bum zoomed upon, explosions, and long hours of waiting for the cool fight scene.


  2015.02.24  23.39
It's a little bit interesting...

Around 20 years ago a movie was made called "The Net" with Sandra Bullock. In it, she discovers a group of hackers who are creating viruses to convince the world to use their anti-virus program. Once their program is installed on the networks, they have access to change and control the information of those networks -- banks, government, etc.

Still this is relevant and still it freaks me out. Still a good movie.


  2015.01.24  17.58
Hersheys.. . yuck

I've never liked Hershey's because it tastes somewhat metallic(?). When I consumed some of it, it would make my insides strange and hurt my teeth -- so I figured whatever was in it, that could trigger such a response, would not be good for me and I've always eaten alternatives.

Discovered the expensive chocolates actually are better and helps my digestive track when I stick with the dark. Plus, dark chocolate & spices = awesome bars. Because I've found the latter, I don't consume Cadbury either, or other cheaply made chocolates because they all make my teeth sensitive where as the real cocoa bars don't.

Anyway, according to this article Hershey's is trying to get Cadbury out of the US because more people are buying it at the stores. Well, in my opinion, if Cadbury is doing better in sales, then their product is better and like Apple and Samsung, Hersheys will just have to make a better product to get more sales.

Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2924303/As-Hershey-s-launches-legal-battle-drive-Cadbury-New-York-sweets-similar-American-chocolate-left-bitter-taste-Brits.html


  2015.01.18  23.43
I sometimes watch crappy TV to get a different perspective

The show Bad Girls Club is interesting to me because I get to see how other people deal with their problems. What I thought was insane Jerry Springer behavior before, has been revealed as a way to show honesty and respect. For example, a lot of the girls get into one another's face but when someone in the house doesn't step up, and then go off to complain in the private confession room or behind someone's back, they call them out for that lack in conviction and respect for others. If you've got something to say, back it up and say it to the persons face -- I like that.

And still, most of the show is yelling for idiotic things that shouldn't be yelled for.

Anyway, they used to have reunions with the gossip columnist Perez Hilton as their host. I didn't like him as their host 'cause while his commentary was often funny he completely disrespected the women of the show by throwing food at them or spraying them in the face with something.

Now he's on this Celebrity Big Brother -- which is a franchise I'm not into, but was curious 'cause he and Visage were on it -- and my goodness, is he being a complete a**. In the beginning he was actually pretty cool, and I could sense he wanted to show that side of himself, but I guess the wear-and-tear of living in a house with Brits got to him; they don't like outspoken behavior and his behavior is SO AWFUL that Americans don't even like it. So add that with his need for approval and of course he's going to go insane.

Visage finally blew up after he, in anger, went around their community yard, stripped down, and started to do pelvic thrusts everywhere saying dirty things.

This is what she had to say and I'm so glad she said it; I don't think it set the community back, however, because we're all a bit wiser but definitely those stubborn minds we chipped away probably hooked onto the behavior and those extremist are using it as propaganda:



  2015.01.17  00.26

I used to have a problem when I visited bars as a regular: I always got drinks that were TOO STRONG 'cause the bar tender knew and liked my company. I'm not really complaining because it saved me a lot of money and I did as I was supposed to: I brought people to their bar. Still do.

Now that I don't go out every day of the week (can no longer survive hangovers) I drink coffee. Depending on the location I'm at is which coffee shop I frequent and now that I'm their regulars, they're making my drinks super strong, too. Which is why I can't sleep right now and am two hours past my bed time.

Again, I'm not fully complaining, it's sweet. And coming from different baristas that's even sweeter. But boy, sleep would be nice right now.

The one today is funny though. He doesn't speak much English but I come in at least once a week. For the first few I kept getting Caramel Macchiatos & cupcakes (they have awesome frosting... that's really the reason I buy cupcakes -- but an added bonus is they cook the cake part CORRECTLY; rare find in Korea) so one time I entered and he immediately said "Cupcakes" which as embarrassing 'cause it made me feel like a pig; so I ordered a mocha to throw him off and left without cupcakes. Today he made no assumptions (they failed the last to times to guess what I wanted) and just said bonjour -- but I didn't know what he had said because he didn't pronounce it correctly so I embarrassed him with a confused 'eh?' He might think I'm French. People in Italy did.

Mood: nostalgic

  2015.01.16  21.55
Metallics of the 00's, hilarious

I went through a ton of old photos recently and had to laugh at what fashion I thought was cool at that time -- just like I would at the 80's or 90's -- but as I was a teen during the 00's, and then a 21 year old in that same decade, I feel that fashion was more profound...I wore the shiny yellow lipstick. It was my FAVORITE.

I am using SemiSonic here because a friend of mine posted a video where they explain that "Closing Time" is actually about a birth. They disguised the song by having it parallel closing time at a bar. Seeing him dance in the above video makes me believe that he's capable of such humor to disguise a song.

Oh '00s, we were weird. But you 2010ers... you've got tails and things that we didn't!

And yes I still use the same LJ format from the 00's! If I still had AIM, I'd still be using the '00 version of that, too! Oh AIM...ha ha ha. Now it's all Facebook.


  2015.01.14  14.37

It's almost seamless to go from one country and back to the one I live in. It's like I wasn't gone at all... and it's strange. The only thing reminding me that I was not here for a bit is the tiredness & extra fat I gained from binge eating vacation foods.

In any case, it was good to go home. I didn't get to spend as much time with my friends as I had originally thought, but I did see them and that makes me smile.

Also love my little lying students who said I haven't gained a pound. Love them.


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