Cleavy-D (misskiwi) wrote,

Metallics of the 00's, hilarious

I went through a ton of old photos recently and had to laugh at what fashion I thought was cool at that time -- just like I would at the 80's or 90's -- but as I was a teen during the 00's, and then a 21 year old in that same decade, I feel that fashion was more profound...I wore the shiny yellow lipstick. It was my FAVORITE.

I am using SemiSonic here because a friend of mine posted a video where they explain that "Closing Time" is actually about a birth. They disguised the song by having it parallel closing time at a bar. Seeing him dance in the above video makes me believe that he's capable of such humor to disguise a song.

Oh '00s, we were weird. But you 2010ers... you've got tails and things that we didn't!

And yes I still use the same LJ format from the 00's! If I still had AIM, I'd still be using the '00 version of that, too! Oh AIM...ha ha ha. Now it's all Facebook.
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