Cleavy-D (misskiwi) wrote,

I sometimes watch crappy TV to get a different perspective

The show Bad Girls Club is interesting to me because I get to see how other people deal with their problems. What I thought was insane Jerry Springer behavior before, has been revealed as a way to show honesty and respect. For example, a lot of the girls get into one another's face but when someone in the house doesn't step up, and then go off to complain in the private confession room or behind someone's back, they call them out for that lack in conviction and respect for others. If you've got something to say, back it up and say it to the persons face -- I like that.

And still, most of the show is yelling for idiotic things that shouldn't be yelled for.

Anyway, they used to have reunions with the gossip columnist Perez Hilton as their host. I didn't like him as their host 'cause while his commentary was often funny he completely disrespected the women of the show by throwing food at them or spraying them in the face with something.

Now he's on this Celebrity Big Brother -- which is a franchise I'm not into, but was curious 'cause he and Visage were on it -- and my goodness, is he being a complete a**. In the beginning he was actually pretty cool, and I could sense he wanted to show that side of himself, but I guess the wear-and-tear of living in a house with Brits got to him; they don't like outspoken behavior and his behavior is SO AWFUL that Americans don't even like it. So add that with his need for approval and of course he's going to go insane.

Visage finally blew up after he, in anger, went around their community yard, stripped down, and started to do pelvic thrusts everywhere saying dirty things.

This is what she had to say and I'm so glad she said it; I don't think it set the community back, however, because we're all a bit wiser but definitely those stubborn minds we chipped away probably hooked onto the behavior and those extremist are using it as propaganda:

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