Cleavy-D (misskiwi) wrote,

Hersheys.. . yuck

I've never liked Hershey's because it tastes somewhat metallic(?). When I consumed some of it, it would make my insides strange and hurt my teeth -- so I figured whatever was in it, that could trigger such a response, would not be good for me and I've always eaten alternatives.

Discovered the expensive chocolates actually are better and helps my digestive track when I stick with the dark. Plus, dark chocolate & spices = awesome bars. Because I've found the latter, I don't consume Cadbury either, or other cheaply made chocolates because they all make my teeth sensitive where as the real cocoa bars don't.

Anyway, according to this article Hershey's is trying to get Cadbury out of the US because more people are buying it at the stores. Well, in my opinion, if Cadbury is doing better in sales, then their product is better and like Apple and Samsung, Hersheys will just have to make a better product to get more sales.

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