Cleavy-D (misskiwi) wrote,

It's Black History Month...

I didn't watch the Oscars this year, but I still am touched by this acceptance from 2002:

Thing to look at though, is even though that door was opened, roles are still not appropriately given and movies aren't properly backed. Just imagine what we could have seen if we weren't so focused on things like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Transformers.

I love my blockbusters, yes I do, but when people point out how 'white' it is, well, take a step back and notice that's true. The actors & actresses who have won are amazing, no doubt, I'm just saying... where are the diverse roles? Where are the roles where 'minorities' aren't playing stereotypes?

It'd just be nice for the public to be exposed to more through this medium. The criticism today is that everything is too white -- but if we open more doors, experiment with more diversity, then we truly can find our equality. But it's up to the general public to see those movies when they come out, bump up the numbers so that they will continue producing those films.

If we just keep going to Michael Bay films then Michael Bay films are what we're going to get.

If you're not familiar, Michael Bay films consist of hot girls who barely wear anything or, have their bum zoomed upon, explosions, and long hours of waiting for the cool fight scene.
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