Cleavy-D (misskiwi) wrote,

Why did I ever stop getting massages?

Oh yeah, that's right... the wart removal. But now it's gone and I'm back in the schedule. Every week 1 massage! Seriously... it's so necessary. Plus, it's also pretty inexpensive to get here.

But at the moment, I'm bored.

My ABC's

A 🔢 Age : Always a secret. Most boys at the bar put me at 26.

B 😨 Biggest Fear : Not being able to do something about it.

C 🕛 Current Time : 10:29pm

D 🍸 Drink You Had Last : I bought a lemonade drink from a coffee shop then poured tequila in it for the baseball game... they don't serve cocktails! What was I supposed to do? I hate beer.

E 😌 Easiest Person To Talk To: My friend Katie.

F 🎥 Favorite Movie : At the moment, "Geek Charming" I think it's a great movie for my students to watch...

G 😷 Grossest Memory : Chaning my little brother's diapers? Ooze from poison oak? I don't know, I tend to shut those out.

H 🏠 Hometown : Santa Rosa, CA

I💞 In Love With: My job.

J 😡 Jealous Of : My previous & healthier body.

K 🔪 Killed Someone : No, but then if we believe in the butterfly effect - maybe. Does that apply here?

L 🔐 Longest Relationship : 2 years

M ☝ Middle Name : Something with an A

N 🚼 Number of Siblings : 2

O 💫 One Wish : I don't make these.

P 📞 Person Who You Last Called : My friend DongHyeok, because he was late to the baseball game and I was super angry about it -- I hate humidity and people staring at me.

Q ❓ Question You're Always Asked : Did you see (name of some popular movie my students watch)?

R 😊 Reason To Smile : Life.

S 🎶 Song Last Sang : "Sugar" Maroon 5

T 💤 Time You Woke Up : 8:30am -- I love vacation.

U 💚 Underwear Color : Gray today.

V 🌴 Vacation Destination: This summer: Vietnam.

W 😣 Worst Habit : Procrastination.

X 💪 X-Rays You've Had : My chest.

Y 🍴 Your Favorite Food : These days... scones. I'm addicted to scones.

Z ♊ Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.
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