Cleavy-D (misskiwi) wrote,

Generational Icon

I remember really liking the message in his song and that spirit of the message that I enjoyed, is in part what has helped him become an official 'generational icon' in the State of California. Though he's certainly not the only person to ever give back to a community, his work for Compton and their youth is just awesome because it sheds a new light on a place that's always been looked down upon.

I appreciate his use of hip-hop and the world he allows listeners to enter and learn from; as a middle class white girl I really can't say that I've fully dealt with a lot of what he expresses about the streets, however, I can see how his words can reach out to people who don't have a voice or can't put their frustrations into the words that he has. In addition, his current popularity allows people who haven't explored hip hop -- due to more aggressive or women degrading songs -- to give it a go and see that it can be a medium worth celebrating.

article here:

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